Frequently Asked Questions
Answers for all your questions!

What is Bankera?

Bankera is building a regulated bank for the blockchain era, which means that it will be a digital bank with traditional banking services (e.g., giving out loans) and will support both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Now, Bankera is launching an initial coin offering, which starts on November 27th on the SpectroCoin platform. The offering will be virtual currency-tokens known as Bankers (BNK). We already have a minimum viable product (MVP) via SpectroCoin, so YES, you can already try out the services and products! All you have to do is register at!

How is Bankera different from other crypto wallets?

Bankera is one step further than any cryptocurrency exchange as it will offer proper banking solutions, such as IBAN accounts, payment cards and payment processing; not only for cryptocurrencies but fiat as well. However, for Bankera, crypto comes first. Therefore, innovative solutions such as taking cryptoassets as collateral for loans will be offered.

Most importantly, Bankera will offer loans and deposits to allow its clients to get interest rates on their holdings or to borrow at a preferable rate.

How is Bankera's ICO different from other ICOs?

Firstly, Bankera is at least one year ahead of similar projects, which are mostly running prepaid card programs only. We, on the other hand, already offer IBANs to customers through SpectroCoin, our minimum viable product (MVP). Having an operational MVP allows us to pay a transactional revenue share to our clients weekly and as well as providing the IT and regulatory infrastructure base for Bankera. Secondly, Bankera will be a proper crypto + fiat wallet from day one and will evolve into a bank within 1-2 years. Thirdly, we will offer actual banking services such as loans and deposits and, as a side-effect of withdrawal and deposit options, remittance solutions. Last, but not least, we have a great team and advisory board that will lead us through the following years.

Is Bankera a startup?

No, Bankera is an operational fork of SpectroCoin, a fully functional exchange, wallets, and payment processing platform with 74 employees, more than 750,000 users (individuals and merchants), 65,000 cards issued, and all the necessary IT infrastructure. Bankera needs a capital reserve to be able to scale up as a bank and issue a significant volume of loans.

What will be the difference between SpectroCoin and Bankera?

SpectroCoin has already introduced products such as currency exchange, debit cards, and IBANs, to name a few. However, in order to stay competitive in this area, we see Bankera as the natural extension and evolution of SpectroCoin, which will build bridges between the crypto and fiat worlds.

At the start, all development will be aligned with SpectroCoin, but eventually, the developments will happen under different brand names. SpectroCoin will remain as a leader in providing wallet and exchange services for cryptocurrencies; while Bankera will focus on banking solutions and efficient payments.

Why an ICO?

The aim of the Bankera's ICO is to provide the capital that will enable Bankera, as a product, to develop a bank and to compete on equal terms with existing banks. In order to do so, we are pursuing multiple licenses, which will allow us to offer instant cross-border transactions, payments and currency exchange at lower prices, as well as loans and investments.

We believe that ICOs should serve as a long term-project, which would allow us to build the fundamentals for a solid product and at the same time create a strong community with mutual interests.

Are there any geo restrictions?

At the moment, Bankera services will not be available for citizens of the United States of America due to local regulation. Bankera, as a blockchain, does not have any other geo restrictions.

Where will Bankera be operating?

Bankera's aim is to bring banking solutions globally. Bankera will start offering crypto and fiat solutions for a variety of countries and later on, expand them to customers around the globe.

Where do I get tokens?

You will be able to get tokens after the start of the ICO - on the 27th of November 2017. To get your BNKs, you have to open an account at You can sign up here. Don’t forget to fund your wallet in advance!

Which currencies can be used to buy tokens?

You can buy tokens with all the currencies that are supported by SpectroCoin. Choose from a wide spectrum of crypto (DASH, BTC, ETH, XEM) and fiat (EUR, USD, GBP, and many other) currencies.

What is the minimum BNK purchase during the ICO?

There’s no minimum amount, everyone is welcome!

What is the SOFTCAP and HARDCAP for the ICO?

The HARDCAP for Bankera's ICO is 7,500,000,000 BNK worth 152M EUR. We will also have SOFTCAPS during the ICO – after each 1,000,000,000 BNK sold, the price will increase by 0,001 EUR.

What is the Bankera token price during the ICO?

The starting price of 0,017 EUR per BNK token was set during the pre-ICO. The Bankera token price during the ICO will depend on the number of tokens issued, according to the table bellow:

BNK issued during ICO EUR per BNK rate during ICO
0 - 1,000,000,000 0.017
1,000,000,001 - 2,000,000,000 0.018
2,000,000,001 - 3,000,000,0009 0.019
3,000,000,001 - 4,000,000,000 0.020
4,000,000,001 - 5,000,000,000 0.021
5,000,000,001 - 6,000,000,000 0.022
6,000,000,001 - 7,000,000,000 0.023
7,000,000,001 - 7,500,000,000 0.024

What will happen with BNK tokens if they are not sold?

If we do not sell all 7,500,000,000 BNK tokens during the ICO, the remainder will be distributed pro-rata to pre-ICO and ICO token holders. For example, if 90% of the BNK tokens are sold by the ICO end date, the remaining 10% will be proportionally allocated to contributors of the pre-ICO and ICO.

Since we do not have big contributors like other ICOs, unsold tokens will not be burned. Bankera's ICO already has a community of 77000+ pre-ICO contributors, so people who are interested in quick cash-out and in dumping tokens as soon as they hit the exchanges will not have a huge impact on our long-term goal.

Which blockchain will host the BNK tokens?

We will issue tokens on two blockchains: NEM and Ethereum, so there will be NEM mosaic and ERC20 tokens. However, for liquidity, we might burn ERC20 for the NEM mosaic.

Will BNK tokens be placed on any big exchange platforms?

Yes, BNK tokens will be listed on SpectroCoin from day one, and it will be listed on other exchanges later on.

When will BNK tokens be listed on exchanges?

It will be listed on other exchanges after the ICO.

What do contributors of Bankera's ICO get?

20% of the net transactional revenue share is paid weekly to BNK token holders. You can find detailed summaries of each weekly commission on our blog!

Also, BNK tokens will be accepted as payment for Bankera services at a discounted rate. For example, you will be able to cover your monthly card fees with your BNKs.

Why does Bankera need an SCO and when it will take place?

It is important for Bankera to enter the market with sufficient capital, to stay competitive with other banks. The ability to issue loans is at the core of any banking business. Due to regulations, Bankera is required to have 20% of all outstanding loans as capital in order to meet capital adequacy requirements. For example, if Bankera raised 100M EUR, it would only be able to lend out 500M EUR, which is far less than a small bank‘s lending capacity.

The actual BNK token sale price will depend on the current prices on exchanges. The BNK token price will be equal to current prices on exchanges, but it will not be lower than 0.1 EUR per token. More detailed information about SCO will be provided in the future.