Frequently Asked Questions
Answers for all your questions!

Are there any geo restrictions?

At the moment Bankera services are not available for citizens of the United States of America due to local regulation. Bankera, as blockchain, does not have any other geo restrictions.

How Bankera is different than other crypto wallet?

Bankera is a step further than any crypto-currency exchange as Bankera will offer proper bank solutions such as IBAN accounts, payment cards and payment processing, not only for cryptocurrencies but also for cash, payment cards etc. Most importantly, Bankera will offer loans and deposits to allow its clients to get interest rates on their holdings or to borrow at a preferable rate. But it will be different from traditional banks, as for Bankera crypto will be first, so Bankera will offer such innnovative solutions as taking cryptoassets as collaterals for loans.

What is the HARDCAP?

The HARDCAP will be determined after pre-ICO formula is: HARDCAP = (Number of pre-ICO tokens / 0.1). The pre-ICO HARDCAP is 2.5bn BNK tokens (25mln EUR).

How to buy BNK?

You have to open an account at to be able to buy Banker (BNK) tokens after the start of the pre-ICO on the 28th of August, 2017. We will soon add more detailed tutorials to

Will the tokens be ERC20?

We will issue tokens on two blockchains: NEM and Ethereum, so there will be NEM mosaic and ERC20 tokens. However, for liquidity, we might offer both with an option to burn ERC20 for the NEM mosaic one.

How can I register for pre-ICO?

The tokens will be available on for pre-ICO on August 28. You can sign up for an account with your email now just to be ready!
You can also follow us on social media in order to not miss out on breaking news!

What time on August 28 will the pre-ICO begin?

It will start at 12:00 PM GMT+1 (London time).

Which blockchain will host the BNK tokens?

BNK tokens will be issued on Ethereum (ERC20 compliant tokens) and NEM (as mosaics) blockchains.

Will BNK token be placed in any big exchange platforms?

Yes, BNK will be listed in SpectroCoin exchange from day one and will be listed in other exchanges later on.

What’s the simple idea of this project?

Bankera is building a regulated bank for the blockchain era, so it means it will be a digital bank with traditional banking services (eg, giving out loans) and will support both crypto currencies and regular currencies. Now Bankera is launching an initial coin offering. The offering will be of virtual currency tokens known as “Bankers” (BNK). The price during pre-ICO is 0.01 EUR and during ICO from 0.012 EUR to 0.017 EUR and will provide minimal viable product (MVP) via SpectroCoin. So YES, you should register at to be able to participate in pre-ICO!

With which currencies I can buy BNK?

All currencies that are supported by SpectroCoin (DASH, BTC, ETH, XEM, EUR, GBP and many other currencies).

Will I be able to exchange BNK to other currencies?

Yes, you will be able to convert all the fiat and digital currencies that are available at SpectroCoin to BNK.

How Bankera is different from alternatives?

Firstly, Bankera is at least one year ahead of other similar projects. We already have IBANs for SpectroCoin customers (IT and regulatory infrastructure will be a base for Bankera). Secondly, Bankera will be a proper crypto + fiat wallet from day one and will evolve into a bank within 1-2 years. Thirdly, we will offer actual banking services such as loans and deposits, we will also issue loans by taking cryptoassets as collaterals. Add to this, remittance solutions as a side-effect of withdrawal and deposit options. Last, but not least, we have a great team and advisor board that will lead us for the following years while most of our competitors are just running prepaid card programs.

Is Bankera a startup?

No, Bankera is an operational fork of SpectroCoin, a product with more than 300k users, 50k cards issued and all the necessary IT infrastructure. Bankera needs capital reserve to be able to scale up as a bank and issue significant volume of loans.

How much does 1 BNK cost during pre-ICO?

1 BNK token will cost 0.01 EUR during pre-ICO. Price will be higher during ICO as detailed below:

How much will 1 BNK cost during ICO?

The price of BNK token will depend on the number of tokens issued during pre-ICO:

BNK issued during pre-ICO EUR per BNK rate during ICO
0-499,999,999 0.012
500,000,000-999,999,999 0.013
1,000,000,000-1,499,999,999 0.014
1,500,000,000-1,999,999,999 0.015
200,000,000-2,499,999,999 0.016
2,500,000,000 0.017

What’s the minimum BNK during pre-ICO to contribute?

There’s no minimum, we welcome everyone!

When will BNK tokens be available for withdrawal from SpectroCoin?

You will be able to withdraw BNK right after pre-ICO.

Is there a bounty program?

Yes, you can find more information about it here.

Why is Bankera raising such a large amount?

Due to regulation, Bankera has to have 20% of all outstanding loans as a capital to meet capital adequacy requirements. For example, with 100M EUR capital, Bankera will be able to issue loans with a value of 500M EUR, which is far less than a size of loans portfolio issued by a small bank.

When will BNK tokens be listed on exchanges?

It will be listed after ICO.

Who will get pre-paid cards for free?

Everyone contributing more than 1,000 EUR will get a free pre-paid card and an IBAN account. However, it depends on the country of residence of the contributor.

What do contributors get buying BNK tokens?

20% of net transaction affiliate revenue share will be paid to BNK token holders every week. Also, BNK tokens will be accepted as payment for Bankera services at a discounted rate.

Is there a referral program?

Yes, you can find more information about it here.