Business loans

Finance invoices, working capital or business growth fast and without going to a bank.

Loans for

Invoice financing

Get cash from your buyers and pay your suppliers faster.

Business growth

Get financing to support scaling up of your business.

Getting online

Expand your business operations by adding an online sales channel.

COVID-19 special

Bankera has participated in the European Commission project to fight the negative impact of the pandemic and developed more flexible loan conditions to help businesses survive it.

Postponed payments

Postpone repayment of principle to win more time.

Double guarantee

You and your business partner guarantee for the loan.

Risk assessment

We will revise the risk level after the lockdown is over.

Loan specifics

  • Eligibility:

    SMEs registered in Lithuania. (More will be added)

  • Loan amount:

    from 1,000 EUR

  • Interest rate:

    from 1% monthly

  • Loan maturity:

    1 - 36 months

  • Repayment:


Bankera business loans

How it works

Fill in the loan application

Application is reviewed by Bankera

You receive a loan offer

Loan is paid back

Credit risk is reassessed once the pandemic is over

Loan is paid out

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