Justas Dobiliauskas

Co-founder of Bankera

Justas Dobiliauskas oversees the technological side of Bankera. While still studying Programming Engineering and Security of Information and Information Technologies at Kaunas University of Technology, he developed a local virtual currency exchange from scratch. Later on, he built the SpectroCoin platform.

At SpectroCoin, Justas and his team have developed a large-scale IT infrastructure that includes applications and system integrations to support more than 1,000,000 registered users and their daily operational needs.

He is a firm believer in peer-to-peer applications. His final thesis looked into distributed peer-to-peer file storage systems.

His experience in IT development for the financial sector also includes the time working as a developer at IT companies contracted to large financial institutions, providers of telecommunication services, and municipalities in Europe.

Justas sees Bankera as an opportunity to build the bank for the blockchain era driven by end-user needs, using cutting-edge technology and avoiding constraints of legacy systems.

Justas Dobiliauskas

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